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Böhler Water Management

Böhler Water Management

IN Engineering, Procurement, WWT
Investor Name:
Böhler Water Management
Published Date:
September 1, 2012
About Project

Narrative description of Project:

INTECO intended to design and supply an extension of steel complex mainly consists of an Electric Arc Furnace
(EAF), Argon oxygen decarburisation (AOD), Vacuum degassing (VD), ladle furnaces (LF) and Auxiliary units.
The scope of the project was a basic engineering of providing the potable-, cooling-, and fire fighting water for
the said system.
Fields of Specialisation:
The Contractor had thoroughly to study the project, and also possess the necessary know-how technology,
capability, skills, competence, experience and qualified specialists in the field of industrial water treatment
enabling the client to investigate the about the budget and investment to construct the Plant.

Description of actual services provided by staff within the assignment:

 Basic Engineering
 P&ID, PFD, Plant Layout incl. main equipment – 2D, 3D
 Process Design
 Equipment List
 Power Consumption List
 Chemical Consumption List
 Cost Evaluation