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HOSCO Sea Water Desalination Plant

HOSCO Sea Water Desalination Plant

IN Construction, Engineering, WWT
Investor Name:
Published Date:
September 2, 2009
Bandar Abbas, Iran
About Project

Narrative description of Project:

IRITEC intended to construct a complete new water treatment plant and utilities distribution system for HOSCO
Steel Mill Project. Works for the first stage of desalination of sea water RO1 as specified in the Contract and
which is reasonably required for the establishment on operable efficiency.
Designing in detail a new plant according to raw water influent and according to effluent required by the client
comprising: Open sea Water Intake pump station and accessories, pre-chlorination system, screening system,
coagulant-, flocculant dosing stations, flash mixing and flocculation system, gravity upstream filtration system
incl. compressor station, chemical dosing stations for RO, filtered water feed pump station, 5 μm cartridge filter
system, high pressure pumping station with energy recovery system, reverse osmosis assembly incl. CIP
system, electric LV panels, MCC, MCP, PLC incl. programming, new forced draft cooling towers, piping for DRI
plant, piping for steel making plant cooling circuit, piping for CCM cooling circuit, piping for oxygen plant
cooling system, compressed air system, commissioning- and 2 years spares.
Fields of Specialisation:
The Contractor had thoroughly to study the project, and also possess the necessary know-how technology,
capability, skills, competence, experience and qualified specialists in the field of industrial water treatment to
construct the Plant, fulfil its obligations and carry out the contractual works. The water treatment plant for the
cooling circuit was realized in the years 2006 – 2009 and was realized under our supervision.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

 Detailed engineering, process, mechanical, electrical, piping, instruments, automation system incl.
programming, civil
 Survey of civil construction
 Preparing detailed engineering documents
 Delivery of mechanical/electrical equipment
 Erection and supervision of erection
 Commissioning and supervision for commissioning
 Project management