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Tonbak Desalination System

Tonbak Desalination System

IN Engineering, Procurement, WTP
Investor Name:
Tonbak Water Authorities Wahang Saran
Published Date:
September 11, 2012
About Project

Narrative description of Project:

Tonbak Water Authority intended to construct a set of complete new RO desalination systems and utilities distribution system for the Tonbak city. Works for the water treatment with a capacity of 5 x 2.000 m³/d (10.000 m³/d), treating sea water, as specified in the Contract and which is reasonably required for the establishment on operable efficiency. The scope of the project was to check the basic-/ detailed engineering and to supply containerized reverse osmosis systems comprising: Well pumps, high pressure pumping station incl. energy recovery system by Turbo charger, reverse osmosis desalination system incl. CIP and flushing system, air blowers, Remineralization-
and Antiscalant dosing stations complete set of measuring- and control instruments, chemicals and 2 years spares; Sand filters incl. backwash pumping and air scour blower station, cartridge filters, treated water pumping station, compressor station and service water pumping station, electric LV panels, MCC, MCP, Mimic Diagram, supervision for erection/commissioning by local partner, to produce potable water.

Fields of Specialisation:

The Contractor had thoroughly to study the project, and also possess the necessary know-how technology,
capability, skills, competence, experience for local partner and provide qualified specialists in the field of
potable water treatment for communities.

Description of actual services provided by staff within the assignment:

 Basic Engineering
 P&ID, PFD, Plant Layout incl. main equipment – 2D
 Process Design and -description
 Equipment List (local)
 Pipe List/- Valve List/- Instrument List/-Specification (local)
 Power Consumption List
 Chemical Consumption List
 Delivery of mechanical/electrical equipment (partly local)
 Supervision of erection and commissioning by local staff (local)
 Project management