Package Potable Water Treatment

Package Potable Water Treatment

Package Potable Water Treatment

Compact pre-fabricated water treatment plants for water clarification, filtration & chemical treatment with capacities from 20 to 500 m³/h, equal to 3.000 to 80.000 inhabitants.

AMV water treatment plant packages are used in the development of water suppliers providing safe and adequate drinking water for communities. Technological advances (e.g. inline mixer, hydraulic sludge recirculation & flocculation, tube settling, continuous back washing filters, etc.) are utilized to produce a very compact package water treatment plant.


The raw water normally available from surface water sources is, however, not directly suitable for drinking purposes. The objective of water treatment is to produce safe and potable drinking water. Generally to treat surface water (e.g. river water, lake water and well water) the treatment process consists of Coagulant Dosing, Mixing, Flocculant-Aid Dosing, Flocculation, Sedimentation, Filtration and Disinfection.

The main goals of AMV package units are removing suspended solids, turbidity and pollution from the available raw water in each area, providing a treated water quality based on WHO, european or national standards. The applied design criteria and the components of a water treatment plant depend on the turbidity and pollution of a known raw water source.

The used components can be classified as follows:

PRE SEDIMENTATION TANK, which is used for turbidity > 100 NTU

FLASH MIXING & FLOCCULATION compartments, which could be a static/hydraulic type or equipped with mechanical mixers.

MAIN SEDIMENTATION TANK with tube settler packages in combination with sludge recirculating facilities for minimizing the chemical consumption.

FILTRATION UNITS, based on quality of the available raw water and the required plant hydraulic profile one of the following filter types are used:
– Continuous Backwash Gravity Filter
– Gravity Filter
– Gravity Valveless Filter
– Vertical or horizontal pressure filter

DISINFECTION UNITS, depending on the level of organic pollution in the raw water. A pre-disinfection in combination with a post-disinfection or only post-disinfection will be carried out in package treatment plants.
– For Pre-disinfection Ozonation units or Hypochlorite dosing stations are used.
– For post-disinfection a Chlorination system but also UV disinfection or Ozonation can be used successfully.

In case of other raw water pollutants e.g. Ammonia, Iron, Manganese, Arsenic, Colour, Odour, dissolved Gases etc., either additional compartments in connection to the main plant can be used or we supply a separate plant to remove any specific problem.

The plants are designed for small communities from about 1000 to 15000 inhabitants up to 75000 population.


The treated water is specifically prepared to be used for drinking water. The treated water quality will be based on WHO, european or national standards if the raw water TDS is less than 1500 mg/l (e.g. WHO limit).