Package Sewage Treatment Plants

Package Sewage Treatment Plants

AMV Package Sewage Treatment Plants consists of one or more prefabricated units that can be readily assembled and installed at project site.

General ACTIVATED SLUDGE process is used to design these compact units in 3 renowned categories:

Conventional Activated Sludge (CAS)
Moderate operation and space requirement, active excess sludge

Contact Stabilization (CS)
Moderate operation, rather active excess sludge, minimum space required

Extended Aeration (EA)
Easier operation, lower active excess sludge, not sensitive to shock loads, but needs larger tanks.

The plants are designed for small communities from about 400 to 6000 inhabitants up to max. 20000 population.



The treated sewage quality:


The treated sewage can be used for irrigation of farm lands or disposed in the surface waters. Excess sludge of the package units is used usually as fertilizer for farm lands.


AMV also provides recent technologies in the package sewage treatment plants, based on biological treatment process, but with new modifications as follows:

Fill & draw system, which is called Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR). For rather continuous , the package system is designed in 2 parallel sub systems.

MBR Membrane Bio Reactor. In this system, the sewage treatment package plant consist of an aeration tank, containing very high MLSS, Instead of secondary settling tank ,there is an immersed ultra filter assembly inside the aeration tank separating activated sludge from the treated waste water. In this case the effluent quality can be achieved as follows:


*… expressed in Silica scale